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Deliver the order

I know how to deliver the order,but I want to know that in delivery the order we should direct send the main file we made for him of what can we do kindly tell me in detail?The reason is that if we deliver the order and the buyer trying to dispute order what can we do


All deliveries should include everything agreed in the order. Failure to do so may get a warning for incomplete delivery.


If the buyer get the order and didnt said complete it instead of it it said to dispute so what we do?

Dispute for what? It depends on what they’re raising the dispute about.

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If he is fake and want to cheat me add his money back

Do you actually have an ongoing dispute right now?


kindly tell me if you know

If you’re asking hypotheticals - with respect, please don’t waste everyone’s time.

If you actually have an ongoing dispute, share the details so we can express an opinion.


first of all,with respect if you dont know dont waste my time.Its an ongoing dispute

then you can share details of the dispute - he has his own opinion that he can only base with more facts - just an “ongoing dispute” won’t make his job easier in order to help you, there’s no harm in telling details, unless you name the buyer, which is against TOS.
@coerdelion is just trying to help, no need for an argument.