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Deliver voice over outside of Fiverr

Grettings everyone,

I received an offer by a customer who wants me to record some pre-translated texts into my native language. The problem is that the translations have to be recorded on a translation platform/website. After login in there I’ll have to record each line that will be shown there. The recorded voices will be used as samples for a sound controlled device later, that’s why they need them in different languages.

It may be easier for the customer to manage lots of voice translations this way but as a seller I have no recording on my local hard drive which I can send later via Fiverr to complete the order or any proof that I’ve completed it since the recordings will be stored on the server of the translation platform.

Would it violate against the terms of Fiverr to deliver the project that way outside of Fiverr? And how would you suggest handling this situation?

Best regards


I’m in a completely different category, so this reply might not be relevant to your situation. But recently I contacted customer support with a somewhat similar question.
Basically it was also a question about delivering something outside Fiverr for buyer’s convenience and exchanging contact information to do so, because that’s the way a buyer has their workflow set up.

The short answer was “no”. If it is deliverable within Fiverr’s system, it must stay within fiverr’s system.
However in your situation, if it doesn’t have to include any contact exchange, you might have better chances to get a permission.
Uploading things to buyer’s site might also pass as part of the job.
In any case, I would make an additional recording of the voice over to deliver it as files within fiverr (I’m assuing you can do it simultaneously in one way or another, even if it is a screen recording). That is a proof of work completed and an additional copy of the files for the buyer in case they will need it a few months/years later.


Why the heck can’t the client simply receive the voice recordings like normal, then insert the audio themselves into this “platform/website”?

Sounds incredibly dodgy, risky, and ToS violating, what with requiring logging into a third party platform (which will require who knows what kind of personal details) and submitting work on a third party platform.

Run to the hills and don’t turn back, I say.

-And yes, you’ve posted this in the wrong section of the forum.


Thank you for your answers so far! And sorry for posting in the wrong section, I’m new here and hopefully I moved it into the correct section now

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Sounds like a Buyer you really don’t want to get involved with.

Fiverr is set up so that you are able to provide Buyers with whatever it is they are buying from you.

Once the Buyer receives delivery, its up to them to figure out how to use what you sent them.


I’d deliver outside via Source Connect, or iPDTL only, nothing else and even then I can’t imagine many buyers here want directed sessions.

I’d be inclined to knock this one back, sounds too much like a pain.

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Thank you all for your replies so far, you really helped me out with this one. I turned down the offer.

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Fiverr doesn’t do anything outside of its system. Many do, but later they can’t find their account.