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Deliver without respond

Hi all. I need help, if a client does not respond or approve a final deliver, what happens? thanks in advance

Hello guys! Thank you very much for your answers . This is the first time something like this has happened to me, your comments have been helpful. In this case, I was concerned (regardless of the monetary value to be received), not to lose my remuneration. Because as a designer, I didn’t just do one drawing and that’s it. I developed an idea, creating a final image, where I invested a lot of time and resources (since everything was done by hand, with specific sheets and colors). So the client had approved the last sketch, the only thing missing was to add color … hoping nothing bad happened to him, I don’t think it’s fair that he disappeared leaving me with the finished work. But hey, in 3 days it will be resolved!
I would like to respond to some points of your comments that I found particularly curious :nerd_face:: Searching for the client on Google, I do not find it useful or appropriate to seek to communicate with someone outside the platform, it is not that it is a persecution or witch hunt :woman_mage:t4: :sweat_smile:. Regarding Feedback, in my particular case, I never ask a client to place a value on the feedback after the final delivery, because I do not find it ethical or realistic, I have also been a buyer here and there is a way to write a public opinion to help to the seller, but privately to do the opposite, so it makes no sense to “force”, much less negotiate. Thanks again and good luck with your next projects! Regards, Dessiree


Order will autocomplete in 3 days.

thank you very much!

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.


Recently i had this problem .But the order completed automically after 3 days.So please don’t worry.When the buyer online just remind him

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It is up to the buyer whether they want to let the order autocomplete or not.

Always best to leave them alone.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.


yes ,i understand your condition.please tell him that which approve the feedback mesage on fiverr.I think fiverr didn’t allow to want direct feedback.You will be remind that carefully

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There is no careful way to discuss leaving feedback!


You can tell him that if you like my service then you can give your good feedback and knowing other my gig.I hope fiverr this allow

They don’t allow this.

I refer to my previous posts. Will leave this with you.

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i didn’t understand what do you mean?

Its simply mean that any seller on fiverr platform is not allowed to discuss FEEDBACK or REVIEWS with buyer…


Problems if you are new. Because the auto will be completed in three days. But you will not get a good comment which is more important for the new profile. Do you search on Google with her username and try to find it?

The seller knows the username. Find what?


It’s not a problem. Orders automatically complete after three days.

Please don’t encourage sellers to discuss feedback with buyers. Sellers who discuss feedback with their buyer are likely to receive a warning.

You’re offering incorrect advice which other inexperienced sellers might follow.

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Order will be auto completed in 3 days and you will get your cut after you delivered!

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after 3 days its autocomplete

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