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Deliver work before time but have not got any reply till then

I delivered work before 19 hours.The deadline has been finished but no reply over work and nothing else. What should I do?


I think the buyer is busy. You must wait for him & do not worry.

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If you don’t receive payment for your completed jobs then, I think you can report after 7 days.


Some buyers don’t respond, and that is completely fine. Just don’t spam them and let them respond in their own time if they wish to.

There is no need to panic.


Yes, He might be busy anywhere but he was come online. I am waiting his response and want to know he has not sent any response about work. I worry about cancellation my order because it is my first order if this happen with me?

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Don’t worry. If you can complete his requirment then you can get your success. Don’t worry.


Orders automatically complete after three days, whether or not the buyer accepts the order, so you don’t have to worry about them responding at all.


Thank you. You make me relax.

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Its Happend sometime Buyers are busy.

Once a seller delivers an order, the buyer does not have to respond at all. Some buyers merely collect the product and move on. After three days, the order autocompletes, and the seller gets paid 14 days later unless they are a Top Rated Seller, and then they get paid in 7 days.

Some buyers complete the order but do not leave a review. Yet other buyers complete the order and leave reviews, but never contact the seller. In both these cases, the seller gets paid 14 days later.

I do not understand why you would report not getting paid after seven days when it takes 14 days for the funds to clear, and then you can withdraw your funds. Unless you mean you do not see the funds for an order in your “earnings,” then you should wait seven days to report that. I would not wait even that long as payment shows immediately after the order is completed. :thinking:


@vickiespencer, Thanks a lot for your clarification. I am also new here and still figuring out how this site works.

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Hello! I need to know one thing, I sent the delivery before deadline and get responses very late even after time. He said to me revision first time, i did all he said to me but today he again said something new with revision and I clearly answered with document. Now the 3 days after delivery completed but order marked not completed