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Delivered an order, 5 day auto-completion?

Hi! Is this just me or did Fiverr increase their auto-complete timeframe? It’s usually 3 days, but on this specific order it’s showing “this order will be marked as complete in 5 days.”
It’s for a client I’ve worked with numerous times, so it’s kind of weird.


Send a screenshot but don’t forget to remove the personal information of the buyer

Also, I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but it is a milestone delivery.

There was one person recently who was upset that his order might have autocompleted on a weekend when he was away with his family. In this case, it makes perfect sense for Fiverr to roll out sweeping changes to how orders complete at the expense of mass seller inconvenience.

Obviously, I’m being sarcastic.

Either Fiverr is trying to squeeze a few more interest $$$'s out of funds they keep old of during clearance periods. or they’ve just decided to roll out more new changes which most sellers actually find completely counterintuitive.

If this is a thing, I would at least now like to be able to tell my regulars that if they don’t start marking orders as complete. I will need to raise my prices. Sadly, that would likely be interpreted by Fiverr as a TOS violation. :roll_eyes:

Happy Days!


Milestones take longer. And just to add to the interest around them… at the top it says 5 days …and at the bottom it says 8 days.

Which is the correct number of days? One of Fiverr’s little mysteries …


Haha, gotcha! Thanks.

I recently found this on one of my milestone projects too, it’s strange.


The help center only seems to have 8 days, for each Milestone …

Buyers will have eight days from delivery of each Milestone to request a revision or accept a Milestone and continue to the next one. If they fail to do so, the order will stop and be marked as completed.

@miiila - the last milestone is a milestone (8 days) … and the gig is a gig (5 days) … frankly, I’ve no idea which number applies. Both could be applicable, couldn’t they. But I have a feeling I’m about to find out by experience …

Yes, it’s pretty weird. I could understand 8 days for the whole order but 8 days for each Milestone seems really a lot compared to the 3 days for a “regular” order. Seeing that the separate milestones are “shorter items”, it’s not necessarily so that they’d require more time to be checked than the delivery of a regular order, respectively a regular order’s delivery might not take more time to be checked than a separate Milestone.
Well, curious to hear if it will be 5 or 8 if you find out.
I would have made use of that feature a few times when I didn’t have it, and after I got it, there was no good reason to really, so far.


Expect an update in 5 - or 8! - days …

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Normal orders are still 3 days.


Sorry guys - the buyer marked the whole order complete, so still can’t tell you how long it takes to autocomplete.

Now to resist the temptation to give feedback in order to view his - had to be a bit firm with him so expecting feedback to be not so good …

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