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Delivered but wants to cancel


So there is one buyer who wanted to get intro similar to the one he showed me, i was really confident making it so we started the order. as i expected i delivered everything as he instructed and showed but after that he wanted to change lots of details that he didn’t like, i made everything exactly as he instructed again but in the end he still wasn’t happy with the product and to be honest i don’t even know why, there was nothing else to change and he also couldn’t explain why. now he told me that he doesn’t want to continue and unfortunately he want to cancel the order. what should be my next actions ? is it fair to cancel the order ?

If you finished the order exactly as your buyer instructed and delivered, I see no real reason for initiating a cancellation. Seems more like to me that your buyer was fishing for free work. :fishing_pole_and_fish:


just cencel the situation

Sincerely have actually being in your shoes, if you go ahead and you don’t cancel, he can rate you very poor and that will spoil all the hard work on your gig.
I think Fiverr support should do something about this.
That aside just let go and cancel.

i think no matter what the review should be 100% honest like to describe my services, i did great communicating, it was delivered as described and quality was also good but who know what he’s gonna rate in the end :slight_smile:

I agree with @maedan it seems like they want your work for free. Since the new level system has been introduced many sellers do this type of thing to get free work because they know the seller does not want a bad review. :roll_eyes:

Part of the reason we sellers are dealing with the leveling system and worrying about our stats is that many sellers would cancel their orders just to avoid bad reviews. Tell the buyer you will not cancel and if he gives you a poor review explain the situation in your answer to his review. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Good luck