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Delivered files before the order "started"


So I was in a big hurry and I sent the deliverables attached to a message inside the order but I didn’t noticed the buyer didn’t submit the requirements yet. So the order hasn’t started yet… Should I be worried about anything here? Besides my complete lack of attention :stuck_out_tongue:


If the buyer is an unreasonable person you might just shot yourself in the foot. Hoping the best for you.


Yeah that’s what I thought. I’m glad it was a small $ order. However, what really makes me feel uncomfortable is the lack of honesty if the buyer doesn’t respond anymore.

My question now would be, what happens with that order? Should I try contacting CS or should I let it go.
Like I’ve said the money is not what worries me.


The term you are using is “gentleman’s agreement”, and it rarely works when there are no real names involved, and no faces shown.
In the world of business there is a reason work is watermarked, or lawyers/contracts are involved but I’m sure you know all that already :slight_smile:

You could try contacting support if you want, no harm done there at least you will know for sure what the order of business is in this situation, and will have a tale to tell to all of us here at Fiverr.

However I wish that your client comes as honest, especially if you’ve done a good job swiftly for a good price, and especially that the client might want to reorder your services in the future :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ll certainly give him some time to respond and then I’ll contact CS for the reasons you mentioned.
It was my mistake for not noticing I wasn’t using the “delivery” button.



So apparently my client was just confused about using Fiverr’s website, he just managed to ‘pay’ for the order so everything is good :slight_smile:

One thing that I would like to mention is that I decided to completely ignore the problem (thinking that the client just decided to steal the work). I didn’t contact CS or the client. Eventually he messaged me asking what to do with the “order” :stuck_out_tongue:



Hey, that is great to hear! Good for you :slight_smile: congrats for having a swell client and a positive outcome


when I was reading your query I was thinking like suspense movie and what would happen at end :smiley:
I am glad ending was good!