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Delivered Files Disappeared After A Few Days!

Well, this is a new one. A delivery I made like 2 days ago that was properly delivered isn’t showing the files anymore.

I did record myself sending these files (I do have the video to prove it) and they were there at least for one whole day (I checked on the browser and mobile app). I have no idea what happened.


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Fiverr was down for a while today, maybe that’s linked to your issue, perhaps they noticed something and fixed it.

I checked my last 5 deliveries, everything looks as it should. Good that you kept recording, I still do screenshots before hitting the Send button, showing the attached files.


I’ll share a video here just in case since I already have one unreasonable strike on my account.

There was a thread yesterday about a spellcatser who received a warning about empty deliveries. They had it removed though when CS was convinced that a spell promising to make the buyer a millionaire in 14-days really had been delivered.

Maybe think of targeting a new niche? :wink:

On the dropped files note, I rarely check anymore. I have noticed that if I go through my delivered orders, attachments are sometimes missing. Then after refreshing pages or waiting for a while they reappear. As it is, though, I’m not good with paranoia. I’d rather close shop than screenshot and video everything because of Fiverr bugs. - And it’s not like it helps. At least, not going off your last experience. :frowning:

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Yeah, saw that thread. Kinda weird it got removed.

Got that right. It’s incredibly annoying but at least in cases like this you at least have something.