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Delivered Gig but buyer DOESN'T mark Complete Order!

I got an order and completed. Delivered order but buyer said can Not download file and send file to his email !!! We can not use private email by Fiverr terms. And doesn’t mark completed order. That means I will not get my money!!!


Some buyers are cheaters. I’m not taking any project from new buyers (without star rating. I’m new and get fooled by a buyer for 12 Gigs. He completed the order, given positive 5 star review and after that he filed a chargeback. Fiverr says they are helpless. How silly they are.

Take care before doing any work. Otherwise you will loose money and time. Fiverr will only sit and enjoy. They wont do anything. Even customer care takes a weeks time to reply you :frowning: pathetic service.



Reply to @anna10george: is not possible to see buyers reviews or stars, you’ll se the stars only if the buyer is a seller too.

A tip to avoid this type of situation will be that you’ll start work with one gig only at a time to see if he or she like the work and then he can order more and you will be sure that he or she is serious.

you can use dropbox, drive, box any file sharing system if he can’t get his files via fiverr upload system.

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Reply to @anna10george: Thanks for your sharing.

Be careful and hope only bad guy on thousand buyer :slight_smile:

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The order will be marked complete in 3-days if the buyer does nothing. Just make sure he’s happy, otherwise you’ll get a bad review. There are also buyers who ignore Fiverr after making an order, then the work gets marked as completed, then they demand a revision.

tell them you will give them a biscuit after the gig is marked completed watch what happens.

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Maybe you can contact your internet provider, maybe there is a maintenance?

3-years-later zenboy is prolly in Brazil :palm_tree: trying to get his zen back.

Try a different PC :computer: or something!

The site is functioning fine! I’m able to withdraw funds without any problems.