Delivered Gig/Waiting on Completed


Hi! I have a few Gigs that I delivered but the buyer has not acknowledged as Completed. I don’t know what the message looks like on their end when they receive in their Inbox, but I’m assuming they click on something to indicate the Gig was received and completed because I get those notifications for the others.

If they don’t complete, does this mean I don’t get paid for that particular Gig? I did send a friendly follow-up reminder that I delivered the Gig.

Sorry, I can’t find the answer anywhere on Fiverr.

Please help :slight_smile:


Oh…whew! Thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile:


So wht’s the answer? I can’t see it now.
I have similar case now. Gig is delivered by not completed. It’s the third day today, I hope I get my money back.


Hi there - This looks like an old post I brought up when I first started.
I have a lot of experience now.
So, sometimes a Buyer can acknowledge receipt of a delivery by marking the order complete, that’s when you’ll see a rating provided.
If they don’t acknowledge receiving - even though the Seller delivers - the order will automatically mark complete after 3 full days.

So it looks like your a Buyer, correct?
If your order is not complete, do not accept and request for a modification. Remember, if you don’t respond in 3 days… it’ll be marked complete.


I’m the seller. And this client doesn’t reply to any of my messages. Today is the last day of the notification “delivery will be marked as completed after 3days”. But due to time zone difference, I don’t know when it is the official 3rd day.