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Delivered image was not added to my gig

Hi there,
I am a new seller in fiverr. When I had completed my second job on fiverr, I added a image from delivered images as gig preview, it was added successfully. But after that, I have completed two more jobs where although I selected images for gig preview, but they were not added. Now in normal process there is no way to add it.

Will the customer support add one image if I request? I don’t know whether it was a bug or not!

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When accepting the delivery, buyers have the option to not allow the images to be shown on your gig page - there’s a good chance that your buyers have chosen to hide those images from your gig for various reasons
(as an example situation, I’ve had resellers who didn’t want those images to lead back to them)

P.S. of course, I assume that you still have LivePortfolio enabled on your gig.