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Delivered my first gig today

Pretty cool. Took 8 days almost to the hour. Hopefully more to come.

Thanks to everyone that’s posted here in the past. I’ve read a ton of your posts and it’s been a massive help.


That’s great, Chris. Hopefully more will follow! Have you ever considered adding more gigs?

I had mine a couple days ago! Its a good feeling to start off on the right foot! Keep it up!

Congratulations Long May It Continue. Like @alliemadison12 mentioned setting up extra gigs may help you.

Add more gigs ONLY if you can provide them well, and be careful about doing “Twitter” services, Fiverr gets iffy on Third Party gigs - whether they break any rules or not. :slight_smile:

I do plan to add more gigs, I figured 1 was a good start though.

I think I’ll be ok with the Twitter service. I have very real followers, and provide a little bit of entertainment which people like. I hope to show that I’m 100% above board with my gig, because there are plenty of sketchy things that go on in the Twitter space.

Reply to @dashgames: You should be very careful since your services are generally very competitive. I really like the Game idea!

Reply to @dashgames: Good luck!