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Delivered my first order, but still confused. plz help

First of all,
1.I am really happy today because of two reasons, that I got my 1st order and being able to deliver the service on time.
2. But after completing it, (a) the consumer had not replied me about his satisfactory level & (b) he did not complete the order.

So I want to know, whether his stance will bar my payment to reach me? or after 3 day it will get transferred to my account automatically ?


Buyer is entitled to reply you within 3 days after you submit your order…may be he’s reviewing the work or didn’t get enough time to check your delivery.

You need to wait, if buyer dont reply then order will be automatically marked as complete as after 3 days,
and fund will be released, although it wont instantly reflect to your fiverr balance…it takes 14-15 days for clearance !


thank you so much
and it is really helpful