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Delivered my first order...It was so exciting..But I have a question

I just got my first order and delivered it on time.It was really exciting. But i have one question, i already understand that point. But still want to be more clear.

When we deliver the work, We get following suggestion:
“We recommend including at least one PNG/JPG/
audio/video file, that you wish to add to your gig portfolio.”

I know we can take jpg/png image of the work we are delivering and use it in our gig portfolio. But do we also need to include this image in the work we are delivering? Do we need permission from our client to use the image?

Could some one explain this ?


We can’t really advise you without knowing what kind of services you are providing :woman_shrugging:


Expecting more comments from the experienced and which type of Service are you providing?

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I am frontend web developer and it was a landing page which i converted into html. Here is the gig for that:

For this service i was getting the suggestion.

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@nur22aman I develop html templates.

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