Delivered my first order ! Very happy with it!


Today i delivered my first order! The buyer was so happy! And so was i !

I hope everyone who is on Fiverr will have the same experiments because it really makes you happy to have the feeling of getting something done! And making someone happy! :3!

Have a good day fellow Fiverrers !


I’m Glad to hear that. I hope you will have many more orders.


Congrats! That first sell is probably the best feeling ever :slight_smile:

Hopefully there’s many more to come.


Reply to @blindsoul: Thank you! I hope so too ^_^!

It is indeed.




Congrats!! :slight_smile:

I hope to be able to make a similar post here soon - no luck so far. :frowning:


Awesome! Congratulations. I made my first sale 2 days ago too. Since then the same person has purchased 3 more gigs from me. They are really happy with the work and have left great feedback :slight_smile:

I’m really happy they are happy! I hope others in the future are as great as this one. Its been a pleasure so far. Nothing better then delivering something with no problems whatsoever!


congratulations :slight_smile: