delivered my third order


delivered my third order


Wao please give me tips because i will still witing for my 1st order


how long have you been waiting here? if you joined right now so my suggestion wait 5 or 10 days and even it’s depend on your category what you have done.



very nice bor congrats


Sweet! Congrats! Exciting things to come hopefully :slight_smile:


Good Job you are so lucky but i am still waiting for my first order


Thanks! Michael! No doubt Exciting things to come hopefully


haha. Love it. so big and clear!


Hi Michael,

Do you know how to send custom offer to client?


Sure @muhammadtalha45. At the bottom of your message page to the client, you will see a button “Create Offer”. See screenshot :slight_smile:


A big Congratulation.


Congratulations! I’m still waiting to prove myself with my first order.