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Delivered, not paid and blocked

After some conversation I delivered my work (four pages in English and four translations in German) through Fiverr. Although he got his eight pages he claimed I only sent six and wanted to lower the price accordingly. I verified the ZIP file I sent through Fiver and it were eight pages.

I was just about to tell him that but saw the system note “… is not accepting messages at this time.”. WTX?

Was telling that the Fiverr staff already but no reply.

Although this user got two positive responses I’d like to report him as scammer. I delivered, he didn’t pay me but published my work on his web page from what I can see and then blocks me,making it impossible to solve this in a friendly matter.–> Scammer

So what shall I do now?


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It seems that you have contacted Customer Support so you will need to wait for the reply.

Did the client order and pay, and then you delivered the order. I am not sure of that from your post as you say the client didn’t pay.

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It looks like you didn’t follow fiverr rules and delivered your work through messages.

I would strongly advise to read one more time how fiverr works. They are strongly encouraging people to start work only after buyer placing an order and delivering work ONLY through order page otherwise they can not protect you and you just worked for free out of your own will.


Did this person ever create an order? If not, you have zero payment protection. However, what you can do is contact the website where your content has been published. Explain that you are a freelance on Fiverr and that you were recently scammed out work which they are now making use of.

The website in question will likely not have any idea who you are. They will have hired a digital marketing company or SEO agency, who did not inform them that they were outsourcing to Fiverr.

Don’t ask for payment. Do, though. request that your work is removed. If the website doesn’t comply, destroy them on every relevant review site and forum you can think of. You won’t get your money, however, you will feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Your profile doesn’t show any deliveries, so it looks like you gave your work for free through Fiverr messages.

The system only registers a delivery if the buyer has placed the order and the seller has delivered via the Deliver Now button on the order page.

Since there was no actual order, I don’t think that Customer Support can do anything about that. You can do what @cyaxrex suggested, though, and at least have the content removed.


Well I created a ZIP archive and delivered my work through Fiverr to the customer if you follow my history.

I am in the opinion that I followed the Fiverr rules. I created my work and uploaded it via Fiverr to my client bur he did not pay me and blocks further communication to sort this out.

They’re saying you delivered it as message instead of as a delivery.

Fiverr can’t protect you if you send something as a message and it doesn’t count as a delivery.


No, I delivered my work through Fiverr. Am sure I did this and am puzzled that I cannot see my order listed anymore in the conversation with the customer anymore. Where has it gone? I’m sure I inserted it after ‘"I am creating a “custom offer”’.

Well he told me that “job number 1 was not delivered” (read our conversation), thus I must sent my work via Fiverr and he has received it. This is awkward. Am puzzled.

Am still sure I delivered my work and he didn’t pay me so I want to report him as scammer if you have no other idea.

I know you delivered by Fiverr. You’re not understanding. There are two different ways to communicate with a Buyer: Messages and the green “Deliver your order” button.

Fiverr can only protect you if you submit your order via the Delivery button, which I’ve attached. It only counts as a Delivery if you submit it via the Delivery button.40%20PM

What you described happen wouldn’t be possible if you had submitted via the Delivery button. You submitted it as a message, NOT as a Delivery.


Yes, he did a Fiverr account.

I already contacted the owner of the web site but did not get a reply. Yes, the website my work was published has likely no relation to my works as they hired a contractor (who scammed me via Fiverr). There is nothing I can do. If Fiverr has no other ideas I just report him as scammer within the next days.

As I fear retaliation I wonder if Fiverr could ignore reports by this user on me?

No, your buyer did not place an order. If they had, you would not be in this situation. It sounds like you have sent a custom offer but that this has not been accepted by your buyer.

You would need to report this user to CS and explain that they have conned you out of work and you are pursuing a copyright claim outside of Fiverr as a result. If this buyer has a habit of doing the same with other sellers, Fiverr will be able to see this and should back you up.


I’d like to add what @cyaxrex said to my point.

You also must submit by the Green “Deliver your button” for custom offers, too. And you can only do this if the Buyer has accepted your “Custom Offer,” submitted through the “Custom Offer” form.

Fiverr can’t tell the difference between a message and a delivery. The message section is ONLY for discussing orders and creating custom ones, NOT delivering them.


And as you are still puzzled I will again point out that you still need to read fiverr TOS (that you already signed), read fiverr help page or at least watch a fiverr course on how to be a great a freelancer where they explain in great detail how fiverr works and how orders placed and how to complete them.

Fiverr puts a lot effort to explain how it works but they can not really protect you if you are not following their system. Don’t fall for that anymore and start working on your orders only after you see a message from fiver “congrats! You received an order”


Hello, you will not get paid after you deliver the work. You gave away your work free.
How this works is you get an order, they pay for that order, then you do the work and use the delivery button to deliver the work.

People never pay once you give them the work. It would help you to read the terms of service and understand how this site works.


The way you describe it, you have delivered your work through a Fiverr inbox, not through the Fiverr order page.

It works this way: buyer places their order and pays at the time they place the order. You deliver the work via the Deliver Now button on the order page. The only way for buyer not to pay is if they have initiated a cancellation and you have accepted it, or if Customer Support cancelled the order for the buyer. Did you get a notification that the order was cancelled and that the funds have been returned to the buyer?


You should star working on a gig only when an order is opened, otherwise you can get scammed and punished by fiverr!

I am sure I delivered my work throgh Fiverr. Seems in the timeline of my conversation this package was removed? May be it’s normal for Fiverr to remove oders after some months? If that is true plesae check my logs in the past months that I delivered my work and also that I did not got paid.

Did you receive a message from Fiverr in your email that said the following:

Great News: You have received an order from “insert buyer’s name here”


You’ve received messages from “insert buyer’s name here.”

If it’s the second one, then the buyer did not actually order a gig from you - and you delivered the work via the inbox. Therefore, you are unlikely to be paid for the work that you did.


To be honest, you seem to be very confused about how Fiverr works.

No one here can do this. This is a public forum, not a branch of customer service.

An order would not appear in your conversation timeline. An order would appear on the front page of your dashboard and show a countdown ticking down.

If you did not deliver work through a page like this, you never had an active order.

You can clarify whether you ever had an order or not by clicking ‘Orders’ at the top of your seller dashboard. You will then see a display which looks like this:

Even if you had an order and it was canceled, it will appear here.

You seem to have sent a custom offer to a buyer and assumed this meant you had an order. It does not. Your buyer would have had to accept your offer before it became an active order.


Our friend is lost.
@ankman5 I understand how bad you feel now but if you think that you did all as you should do, then just wait for that reply from the support team and hopefully, you will get a more clear view about this issue. The best I can wish is that you can sort out things and be paid, but anyway, head up and continue working full power. You are now more experienced after this problem.