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Delivered, not paid and blocked

If you click the MESSAGE tab at the top of your page you will see two options. One is the NOTIFICATION option and the other is an INBOX option. The inbox option is where buyers and sellers open up a line of communication and discuss the project before getting started .The notification option is where you will receive notices that an order was placed (or completed, or needs revisions, etc)


The second you deliver your order you should get paid. However it takes 14 days from completion of order to actually get your funds.

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It look alike you keep ignoring everything we explained to you :thinking: sending a custom offer in inbox doesn’t mean you having an order, you client first need to pay for it.

And AGAIN: please read fiverr TOS, help page and watch their free video on how fiverr works. All your questions will disappear after that.


Yes, clearly a different situation where context is especially necessary.


I’m not even sure how that confusion happens. It would be like billing a client for a shirt before she says she will take it.

Understanding contracts is vital, including for relationships.


Hey, I have to commend you on how you responded to his post. It’s obvious he is confused, and you showed compassion where a lot of others didn’t. Sometimes things just don’t click, it happens to the best of us. :+1:


Good, compassionate, understanding response. It’s all one can ask for when they post on here. The OP doesn’t seem to understand/speak English all that well ( I could be wrong) and thus figuring out the process and where he went wrong is proving to be challenging for him.


The OP offers writing (in English) and translation, so he should be able to speak and understand English well.

His gig description and this topic do show that he doesn’t understand how Fiverr works, though.


All of your replies overwhelm me. Can’t a staff member just look into my logs to verify that I sent my work via Fiverr to this customer test3r via Fiverr but also did not get paid?

He said that he partially accepted my work and to send an invoice. After that he blocked me to do so. As far as I understand he needs to become active and pay me via Fiverr but not ask for me for ab invoice. If I am wrong here please point me out to Fiverr guidelines which I can read to correct my mistake.

All of your replies overwhelms me. Can’t a staff member just look into my logs to verify that I sent my work via Fiverr to this customer test3r via Fiverr but also did not get paid?

He said that he partially accepted my work and to send an invoice.

Hi. Check your e-mails. Did you get one that said “Great news: You received and order”? If you didn’t, then this order with this buyer might not have ever begun and you did the work without him placing an actual order.

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Everyone here as explained to you exactly what has happened here and why you will not get paid. Your buyer did not place an order with you. You delivered work via a an attachment to a message from your buyer in your inbox. This does not constitute a delivery.

Buyers do not pay after work is completed. Buyers place and pay for an order upfront.

Fiverr has no way whatsoever of making your buyer pay you. They never placed an order or entered any payment information.

Sorry, but there is no way you can or will be paid for this work. All you can do is remember to never again deliver work without an order being placed. There is a free course on Fiverr Learn called Freelance Essentials. I’d recommend that you take this to get a basic understanding of how Fiverr works.


That’s two in one day on the forum who delivered work without being paid or getting an order for it. It must be common. I haven’t gotten the impression the OP understands the need to get the order before doing any work.

@ankman5 Please understand that you won’t get paid even if you sent the work through fiverr. You first need to have the buyer place an order and only then do the job. Then you would deliver the job using the delivery button.


I know it might be overwhelming but isn’t it in your best interest to read it?
It’s only 35 messages including yours in this topic and it will take less than 10 min to read it.
Isn’t it worth to invest only 10 min of your time to solve the problem and not make same mistake???

I already did 2 times, and pointed out on 3 sources with guidelines :woman_shrugging:

Fiverr doesn’t have invoices system. You need to understand how fiverr works first and read at least information in this topic. (We are not even asking to read the whole forum) otherwise you might end up in the same situation again.

Your English is pretty good so I don’t think there is a language barrier to understand and read our replies.


Unlikely to happen, because:

  1. Staff usually doesn’t read the forum, you’d have to contact them directly.

  2. It looks like you didn’t have an official order, so the buyer isn’t obliged to pay you.

Sure! Here are Fiverr’s Terms of Service (they also explain how Fiverr works):

And here’s the Help section, with articles explaining different stuff about Fiverr:


You don’t send invoices. As has been explained by several people here, if it is a custom request, you make a custom order and you don’t start.the work until it is accepted via the custom order system. You don’t do the work until it is confirmed and then you submit it via the green delivery button ONLY. Your order becomes the invoice.

No, Fiverr staff can’t and won’t do that because it is not a contract. You also didn’t follow the ToS.

Look at this as a lesson on learning how things work before you pursue them and accept that you aren’t going to be paid because you didn’t follow procedure. Move on.


This is really overwhemling for me. Trying to read this I cannot see what I did wrong. So much information that I can’t tell what I did wrong.

So I have to assume that the mistake is on my side not understanding the rules. Thus I think this order is lost and I lost my money? I then will not report him because it’s my fault not to follow Fiverr’s gegulations and have to give up here. :frowning:

Yes. This is the basic teeth of the matter.


There was never an order. There was never any money paid.

You need to wait for the buyer to first place an order. That is when they pay. Only then to you start on the work.

You are correct. You will not be paid because the (so called buyer) never paid.