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"Delivered on time" analytics problem?


Hi there,

I’m writing here in the idea that maybe anybody else encountered this small issue with the way fiverr “delivered on time” statistics work.I will write just about
one particular case,this issue itself unfortunately happened a few times until it was so grave it dropped my chances of promoting by a huge margin.

Let’s say you have a new order,custom or not with a delivery time of 3 days and maybe 5 revisions included.You get the order with everything you need to start working
and you deliver it as promised on time,in let’s say 2 days(no revisions so far).Unfortunately here things might go wrong since some buyers maybe don’t have all day
to spend on fiverr and check it constantly and they miss your delivery so they come back after 4 days when the order is delivered but not completed(since it takes 3
days after the delivery for the order to appear completed by itself) and the buyer may just find something small that needs a revision.Once the buyer preses the
request a modification the order automatically gets from delivered to active,but this time unfortunately because the 3 days delivery time has passed it appears as late.
Once the order appears in late,there is pretty much nothing you can do,since the fiverr algorithm takes over and registers you order a late one and you delivered on time
statistics drops by itself.
I don’t know how many sellers this small catch affects but I know it affected me in a great way and I’m writing here in hope that someone will understand it and maybe do something
about it.


I hope it all makes sense.I was quite in a rush writing the post.