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Delivered on time BAR bug


Hello everyone I don’t know what happened but I think the Delivered on time status bar got some bugs. I had an order and I waited a lot of hours for the buyer to give me more instructions. Meanwhile I saw that he didn’t answered me and I’ve proposed to extend the time delivery. I did, but the buyer didn’t accepted it so I decided to cancel it and deliver the work and complete it after the buyer reviews it.
The order of course was marked as late but I DELIVERED IT! And the delivered on time status bar is still moving day by day it drops now it’s 87%.
What I should do?
Did you have experienced something similar in the past?

I think I am gonna contact CS for this.


Hey there! I had this issue with an order the other day as well. I was going to contact customer support, but I noticed that it won’t have any negative impact on your gig or profile, and isn’t shown to visitors or on the Analytics screen. I decided to leave it be, as it doesn’t have too big an impact (as far as I know). But if it is still moving like you said it is than I would probably contact CS, because then there is definitely a bug. :+1: