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Delivered on time but “late”, what does that mean?

Hi there everyone.
So I have this job which I delivered before the timer ran out, so it was marked as delivered, however, the buyer didn’t accept the delivery although he is happy with it. Now I know the system will have it complete after 3 days but I see that it says “late” under Active Orders, I have delivered on time so why does is it say late?
And does this situation affect me and my ratings?
Thank you.

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Don’t care that’s normal.

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So is it considered “late” on my end although I have delivered it before the timer ran out?

Yes until the buyer accepts your order.

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How does that affect me or my ratings? I mean does it have a negative impact on my profile or gig?

Not quite - think of it as more of a weird glitch in the system. So long as you’ve delivered before the deadline, even if it’s now saying ‘Late’, it won’t impact you in any way.

Edit - To be clear, you must deliver using the Deliver button, not sending work via the Message system. You’ve done that right?


Edit: yes, I have delivered it through “Deliver now” button.

I understand. Thanks for the info.
For a second I was worried because I thought the system will count it as late on my end.
So as long as you deliver the job on time, you’re ratings won’t change regardless of if the buyer did accept the job or not.

So long as you Delivered your work using the Deliver Now button, and you did this before the timer ran out, then you’re OK. It doesn’t matter if the buyer accepts manually, or if it goes to auto-accept, that won’t impact your ratings in any way.

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Cool tip. Thanks again.