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'Delivered on time' has dropped 10% from out of nowhere

That’s pretty much it. My ‘delivered on time’ performance has dropped from 98% to 88%. And I really don’t know why. As far as I can recall, only 1 order was actually marked as late among my last 50/60 or so. Anyone with the same issue?

That doesnt sound normal, I would contact CS to make sure it is not a bug

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I did and this is what I got:

So, yeah… Apparently, you can do everything ahead of schedule and still get penalised if your buyer decides to request an extra semicolon or so.

I’m about to ignore the analytics. They’re just too random and keep changing out of the blue anyway. One day you have a perfect delivery time, the next you drop to 88% because, yeah, now modification requests flag your orders as late. :confused:

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You can attach revisions in PMs. I don’t know if it’s not allowed.

OMG! I had recently a client who hit the redeliver button like crazy. He would ask for silly things like move it to the right or left or make it smaller. And I also tried delivering it early.

Good think I know why the delivery time takes so much to go up.

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