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Delivered on Time is showing 86% even though delivered all in time with 5 star reviews!

After my recent project delivery, my delivered on time is showing 86% (it was 100% before)
If I recall what could be the reason, i suspect it could be the one dispute that I submitted regarding an issue with additional requirements that my client needed to review before extending the time. He was busy and couldn’t respond on time. And, he did extend the time right after the delivery clock became red (and, dead :confused: )
But, the dispute was opened long before the delivery time…

The final delivery was in fact 6 days earlier than the order delivery time…

I wonder what will be the impact of this on my gigs…

Dear Wasi:


You’ve just discovered that the Fiverr platform is buggy and will randomly downgrade your stats for no apparent reason.

I suggest you open a ticket with Customer Support, explaining your situation, and asking them to correct their error. Be patient, as it may take them 48 hours to get back to you.

Good luck,


Thanks Blaise!

I will open a ticket. I hope they will respond and fix this…

best regards,

I did open a ticket that day. After a few hours, Fiverr Customer support even responded to my ticket! But, It didn’t help as my deliver on time is still showing 86%

Got the following Message from Fiverr Customer Support that day!

Mason Friday at 07:03
Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us about this.

I understand your concern and I would like to inform you that your Delivered On Time statistic is the percentage of your orders within the past 60 days that you delivered on time. Please keep in mind that this statistic measures when you send your final delivery message. Any modification requests from the buyer will extend the delivery time measured in this statistic.

The Delivered On Time statistic is for your eyes only, and is not visible to your buyers. It also only measures orders delivered within the past 60 days, and can therefore change frequently depending upon how active you are on Fiverr.

For example, every time that your order has overreached the time that you have initially put that you need to finish the work, the will affect your delivery time. For instance, if you have stated that you will deliver work in 5 days and you do after 4th day, the counter will stop. If at that time your buyer wants modifications, and you tell him that you need 2 extra days to finish it, you will overreach the initial time you have put that you need to complete the project. it will be 4+2 days=6 days. You are running 1 day late behind. This is one example when your delivery rate will be affected. Not because you have delivered late, but because it took you more time to finish the buyer’s changes.

Keep up the good work, and you should be fine.

If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,
Mason | Fiverr Customer Support
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I didn’t bother to contact them again for fixing the bug… :expressionless:

Oh… you got the reply. This is amazing. I also had the same issue. Now I know the reason.

Thanks for sharing.

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