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Delivered on time Issues

I want to know about this system how they count and how can work with my deliver behavior.
some day’s ago I have delivered 2 order in a late, after showing my delivered on-time 88%, I have to work faster to need the 2% at least I wannabe a 90%.

So, I got 3 new order all orders I have completed within 7 days within a time, after delivery My delivered on-time show 85%,
How was that?
How can do that?
What I will do now?


Simple math: it’s a ratio in percentages on how many orders you had in the past 60 days to the amount of cancellations. Please not that some orders getting “older” than 60 days and not taken into account anymore.

@maitasun created 2 amazing topics on how to calculate it. So only if you would’ve checked and searched the forum for that…


But after delivery, why deliver rate decrease

Seriously, I just explained it, and even gave you a hint where to look for 2 topics with a proper explanation and math examples


What I will do to incise my delivered time ?

Here you go: Losing & Regaining Points - Order Completion Rate (OCR)

And this one: Losing & Regaining Points: Rating (Part 2) - Maintaining / Gaining Points