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Delivered on time problem

Today I noticed that my Delivered on time stats become 99% (was 100% yesterday)
I always deliver all orders on time. I never had late orders or notifications about late orders in last 60 days.
The only thing was a revision which was marked as late but as far as I know revisions are not affected.
Is something changed after last fiverr update?

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I’ve often wondered this.

I didn’t think revisions were included in the stat.


Not that I know of.

From what I understand, your on-time delivery % will not be affected as long as the original order was delivered on time (even though the timer on your order page reads “LA:TE” during revision).

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Yes, you are right. And I know this. But seems after last fiverr update late revisons are also included. I just want to know is this new rules or just a bug. I contacted CS but didn’t get any response yet.

This happened to me 2 days ago on-time dropped 1% then later in the day Completion dropped 1%
Waiting for CS to fix it.

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I just messaged CS about this issue because while it’d be the most bizarre update yet, I’m always pessimistic about fiverr updates.

According to CS:

I can certainly understand your concern. There was a glitch on this statistic last week.

If you were to encounter an issue on your account, please let me know.


It seems it was a glitch. Now my Delivered on time ratio is 100% again