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Delivered on Time rating

Hello everyone. I have a question.
I had a “Delivered on time” rating: 91% because once I late my delivery. After I never miss the timer, but my rating falls to 89% I have no idea why- how could I check what the reason for it?

hello, consider contacting the cs, they will help

Your delivery on time % are calculated over the course of 60 days, it calculates average of all the orders you delivered in last 60 days !
Now as days passes your old orders are getting out 60 days, and new order you are completing are less then them, So number of orders you have completed in last 60 days are now less then they were earlier…and late delivery is still in this, thats what cause your rating fall down !
And this is normal !


OOohhhh! yeah! you right! that’s explain why it goes down just on 2%. And I was thinking about the same, but in the oposite direction, like: “Weierd. I got more orders for the last 60 days, but in time deliever falls down”, but I didn’t cound the projects, that’s are expired for last 60 days. Thank you on emore time!