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Delivered on time

Hello all,

What the point of have an option of extending delivery date? It does not work and its useless I believe. The reason being if there are delays on the client’s end and to cover that you extend the delivery date and deliver within that delivery time the order will still be marked as delivered late as long as the stats goes, so what is the point of it?

I had delivered all my orders on time there was only 1 order that had delivery date extended on it apart from that all were delivered on time. The amazing thing is that when I logged in today and looked at the delivered on time stat it drops from 67% to -19% , is this some kind of a joke?

Please let me know.


I usually extend the delivery date due to the buyer being busy that he couldn’t respond on time…etc.
I never saw my delivered on time stat drops at all.

Maybe you should report that to the CS?

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That is a good idea!

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I will post what I hear back from the CS

Sounds good. Let us know their respond.

I received a positive response from the CS, contact person James. I was satisfied with how quickly my issue was handled and resolved.

With my ticket I attached a screenshot showing that all of my orders were delivered within the delivery date and not beyond. Attached is the screenshot.

Here is the response I got,
Thank you for contacting us regarding your issue. I am sorry to hear that. I tried to do a fix on your account, you should be seeing the correct number now.

Kindly bear in mind that Delivered On Time rating is counted in the last 60 days.

Delivered On Time rating is counted from a moment when an order is initiated, till the moment the same order is delivered for the last time. If your buyer rejected delivery several times and requested modifications, that is also counted in your Delivered On Time rating.

Hope this helps.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards.screencapture-fiverr-users-designmaxsol-manage_orders-1505250293628


Great to hear that they fixed your account! :slight_smile: