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Delivered on Time!

Out of 40 completed orders, I Delivered 1 order late (only 10 minutes) and now my “Delivered on Time” on dashboard is 97%

There must be a better calculator or algorithm fiver should use.

What do community think ?

You need to focus on creating an exceptional experience for each buyer. Part of that is delivering on time. But only part of it. Sometimes clients run you later with revisions and additional content. In the end, is your customer pleasantly surprised by the level of your product, service and delivery time? It’s the wow factor!


Sorry about that but if you are late, you are late- and no algorithm can change that.

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I have had a few late orders because some buyers surprise me with same day delivery orders without even talking to me about what they need done. For programming gigs, you can’t just wing it. You need to know what the buyer wants, but 9 times out of 10 the buyer is understanding and loves my work. That 1 out of 10 still loves my work but is upset that it was late… :slight_smile:

@ilovenish Like landongrace mentioned if u have your gigs delivery time as 1 day… youll obv get a lot of buyers which would increase your work load and at times delay the delivery… also there are some buyer who just place an order without speaking with us about their requirements. So my suggestion is to increase your delivery time so you wont miss a delivery again in future…


I’ve had buyers just sit on responses of mine for days and then I end up cutting it close or am late delivering simply because of their inactivity. If Fiverr is going to start putting more weight on a late order or lateness becomes a higher factor, this needs to be taken into consideration.

You should be able to stop the timer while waiting on a customer response. If I send over a sample piece of code for them to look at and they spend 3 days getting back to me, even with repeated “nudges” in conversation, why should my stats reflect that?

Yet one more example of Fiverr not thinking things completely through with the platform setup.


i have Delivered on Time 100%
because i delivered early but some times i cannot deliver in time i will deliver just half of my product and send massage other i will upload soon :))

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there are three things that buyer should choose. fast - cheap - good. if you provide a good gig and fast, it will not cheap. if it’s fast and cheap, it will not good. GOOD buyer believe this. I suggest you to adjust your 1day delivery time to at least 2days. again, good buyer will believe you. you have great buyer reviews already, that’s more than enough to sell :slight_smile:

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I have Delivered on Time 100 %

and if i am gonna late for some reason then i will message to the buyer… and buyer agreed … and i got positive feedback…


Reply to @landongrace: Thanks for your comment. I always focus on creating an exceptional experience for each buyer and most of them are repeated buyers.

I’m working full time on fiverr so my delivery time is 1 day.

Buyers don’t have any problem with 10 minutes late delivery (as It’s already faster then their expectations)

P.S.- It’s now 98% without any order completion :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Reply to @ilovenish: Terrific! You have 0 negative feedback and that is so important. With a gig type that is creative and has room for the customer to send requests for modifications, you will have a lot that will not be finished in 24 hours. The customer is not focus that closely on each modification during the process. It will take about 100 deliveries to get each gig off the ground. As your demand grows, you will be able to lengthen the delivery time. You will use delivery time and price to control the demand. I use to do 100 gigs a week, Now I do about 25 and make twice the money in half the time.

The logo category is probably different, but in the video category, the type of clients that are attracted to a 24 hour gig and a 3 day gig are totally different. I prefer the 3 day crowd.

Reply to @landongrace: You are right. But I’m newbie here so 1 day delivery time to attract more buyers :slight_smile: Eventually I will increase price and delivery time :slight_smile:

New sellers have to show more and more of their work otherwise no one would know if you have got talent or not.

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Reply to @kaushikmakam: As i already mentioned, 24 hours delivery time is sufficient for me as of now because I’m full time fiverr seller and newbie on fiverr so i need to attract more and more buys to show my portfolio. Eventually i will increase time and price :slight_smile:

Reply to @davehaertel: I think fiverr staff is aware of almost all problems and working behind the doors to come up with solutions.

I totally agree with Grace. I have ran late just this week. My buyer took almost a day to send requirements, I didn’t complain. When I delivered, I got tip to show how satisfied my buyer was.

As per order late part is concerned it depends upon your progress in previous 30/60 days.
Let’s assume you have completed 30 orders in last two months among which one was unfortunately marked as late.
Considering these stats in mind, your on-time delivery rate would be 96.66 which rounds up to 97%.

one late delivery out of 40 - that means 39 on time deliveries out of 40.
100 x 39 / 40 = 97,5%

You are replying 2 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

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I like that he did the math though - it explains it perfectly why this person 2 years ago had their delivered on time rate cut.