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Delivered Order 3 time but buyer can't download. HELP ME

My buyer is telling me she can’t download the TIFF file I sent her.
I have contacted the customer service and they are telling me that I can use drop box link sharing but I have no idea how to deliver work through drop box.

do I have to upload the simple .txt file with link or is there any other way.

But I am concerned about what if buyer download my work and deny to pay me.

You can upload TIFF files again and leave downloadable dropbox link with them.


Thanks @arty182925 but what if buyer download my work and then deny to pay me?

Then that is another issue that you need to deal with buyer or fiverr support

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Create an Account in Drop box ,upload and send the file .Other way is send through free online without registering …Hope this help you out …

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