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Delivered order but buyer not Marking as complete

Hi everyone , four days ago i deliverd an order, buyer was satisfied and now four days has gone but he has not marked as completed. Buyer is also online but not responding. I need your suggestion regarding this metter.
Thank you.


Well in that case, the order should autocomplete soon. That being said, you can ask him politely as he may be a new buyer and would not be aware that he needs to accept the order.


I sent him many messages politely but not reply :frowning:

Then I advise you wait it out… Like I said, if it’s been 4 days since the delivery, the order will autocomplete.


But fiverr autocomplete after 3 days.
In my case 4 days has gone.

Have you actually delivered the order through the “Deliver Now” button or just attached the work in a message?

Do you see this before the delivery?

Delivered order through deliver Now button.

Sometimes, it can take a little bit more than the 3 days. In my case its been upto 3 days and 6 hours.

Well…! let’s see in my case.

How we send screen shot in this chat ?

Use this button to upload the screenshot.Capture

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It may be that you have to complete the order yourself now. Fiverr is testing a new system out where sellers can now mark an order complete after three days. Consider seeing if you can do this.


Yes early morning i received mail from fiverr but I did not see any button to marked as complete.

I’ve not been subjected - yet - to the new system so I’m not sure where it would be located. Maybe someone can help you with that. If not, I would say go to CS if it’s not auto-completed within half a day.

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Sure .
Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes you are right . Fiverr give oppertunity to seller, after three days seller mark as completed by itself :slight_smile:

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Hi… I too delivered an order … fiverr marked it complete in time… but no “you have earned so and so $” message appeared…
and the buyer’s green dot for online status is there and he/she is not marking it complete …
should I also wait it out… :open_mouth::disappointed:

delivery will be completed in 3days ,if buyer do not responded.


Have your order marked as completed?
Let me know please, because I am facing the same problem!

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Yes , after 3days completed automatically