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Delivered Order But Buyer not Marking it completed


Hello Fiverr, Two days ago i delivered an order, buyer was satisfied and now two days has gone but she has not marked it completed. Buyer is also online but not responding. I need your suggestion regarding this matter. What’s your opinion?? Waiting


Dear Akash:

If the Buyer does not respond within 3 days, it’s automatically marked as complete:


Once you’ve completed an order, you will need to deliver your work to the buyer. Once the buyer reviews your work, it will be marked as complete. If no action is taken by the buyer, the order will automatically be marked as complete three days after the due date.

Note: Delivering an order is the final part of a service offered to the buyer. Sending work samples to customers should not be sent as a delivery.

Good luck,


Thanks for you prompt response. Sir buyer joined Fiverr this month and i think she don’t know how to view the delivered files, and she asked me that you have not delivered the file. Then i shared files through inbox. And now she is not responding. Please guide.


Dear Akash:

Short of opening a ticket with Customer Service, I believe you’ve done everything you can do.

I would caution you against making repeated attempts to contact the customer, as that may serve to irritate her more than anything.

If Customer Service reaches out to her, she may be more comfortable telling them if she has a problem.

This is the sort of thing that’s more art than science.

For now, I suggest you simply wait for the order to be automatically marked as closed.

Others will hopefully share their opinions if they have other insights to offer.

Good luck,


I think your job is done. The reason because you complete your job and delivered your work. Now relax and if have another work start that. If your client do not respond in 3 days your order will mark as complete automatically. But make sure you do your job perfectly.


Sir, she put a review 4.7 star, and now she again message me that i was new to Fiverr, i want to rate you 5 star. Now she want to modify it. How can she do it ?? Please guide.


Dear Akash:

I refer you to these comments:

Fiverr has glitches.

Good luck,


Shh, Blaise. the CEO will run away if he gets too many awkward questions that aren’t merely sycophantic!


Dear Emmaki:

Sometimes I just want to get Shh done!

Thank you,


Oh, you can say shit now. The CEO did just that on his inspirational message to us all just minutes ago!


Dear Emmaki:

I’m actually not thrilled about that part of the ad.

It seems very unprofessional to me.

My first response upon watching that video was to wonder whether I was being hacked.

Upon further reflection, I take it that this is not INTENDED as a joke.

Bottom line: if my sales go up, that’s all that really matters to me.

I’m just old,


Yes, it’s not something I’d use either, but Fiverr is appealing to the cool and funky young entrepreneurial crowd where such words are a-OK. I haven’t even watched the video yet. I didn’t realize there was a video!

Having just watched it, yep. I quite enjoyed it, but I can see it putting quite a lot of people off. Certainly there’s a disconnect between the jail HQ in Israel and the kewl and fanky video, but that’s marketing guffalocks for you.


Your buyer must have used the app to rate you 5 stars but the bug on the app made it into 4.7.

Take a screenshot of your conversation with the buyer where she says she tried to give you 5 stars.
Sent the screenshot to customer support and tell them she tried to rate you 5 stars but it came out
at 4.7 stars.

Do not send her a request to change it.
Stay politely on customer support to remove the 4.7 stars so they buyer can put 5 stars.
You have to be determined to continue to request customer support do it right and remove the
4.7 stars since it is no fault of yours it happened, its a bug in the fiverr app that does it.


Sadly this funky crowd aka “millennials” in America are also working for near free with little hope of flying the nest due to this “cool” ethic. Yeah, I wish to push the corporate middle force out - so may they help with that in deployng us “doers” to “do shit” but please don’t make us roll in it for lack of other opportunity in a failing world economy. With $5 gig starters and 14-17 day payment clearance due to “Buyer not markting it completed” Fiverr is keeping thousands under their thumb.
I have been making less money in 2015/6 than I did as a teenage babysitter in the 80’s. Fiverr is the top freelance site on the Internet. Let us do somethng GOOD with that and not be the crying shame of the Internet as Wal-mart is as top employer in the U.S.A. Apologies for all my typos. Haven’t been able to afford an eye exam iin 4 years.


Just wait it out. Fiverr will mark it as Complete in 3 additional days. It seems common in my selling category. Some don’t leave reviews either due to privacy reasons.


had a buyer like this once… kept telling me that I wasnt delivering his files… Then he claimed he couldnt download them from the order … then he claimed he couldnt download them from the inbox.

This user was computer illiterate…
It ended up in him leaving a bad review after I went as far as presenting him screenshots of where to click on his order to begin his download.

Sometimes you just can’t help people. I’ll even go as far as saying , you may want to make a ticket on this situation with support… But stress to them that you dont want them to cancel it because they get trigger fingers when it comes to this kind of stuff and I wouldnt be surprised if they just up and cancelled the order on you (as another buyer had happen to them this week).

Good luck.


He should do everything he can to make sure they know how to download it.

Although it’s not his responsibility in the slightest to help the client figure out how to work fiverr… Support actually told me I should offer better support for the client … even after I helped the client his order via the order form , inbox , dropbox links, and screenshots. Angered me to say the least…


Oh…I hear ya now. Thankx. Ye are right!


After submitting a delivery it will complete automatically if client do not mark it completed in 3 days. So do not worry. For detail you can check following instruction.


If the Buyer won’t respond within the given timeframe, does it mean the payment for the gig orders will automatically send to us, I mean, send to Fiverr?