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Delivered order cancelled by fiverr


I am a seller . a buyer approached me about seo issues he had with his site. i gave a custom order saying specifically which issues i would fix. he accepted. i delivered it and gave proof of my work. i explained him how to check the code himself but also gave 3 other seo sites and their reports which clearly said that the issue was not there anymore. the buyer accepted the order gave 5 stars and gave positive feedback saying “Really impressed with this sellers professional approach and speed to this project. Much appreciated” . 2 days later the buyer contacts me and tells me that his seo report site gave again the same issue. i explained to him that there must be a problem with this site and explained how to check it himself that the work was done. he deliberately ignored all of my proof and contacted fiverr. fiverr canceled the completed order and gave the funds back to the buyer. fiverr didnt ask me to say anything about my order. how can a completed accepted 5 star order be canceled like that. now the buyer got his work done free of charge! its completely unfair. i opened a ticket to fiverr support . did something like this happen to any of you?thank you


@kvasilis the same thing happen to me


this is unfair .the buyer accepted the delivery he gave 5 stars excellent feedback then comes back and say i didnt do it. he probably wanted it free of charge or maybe later thought that the work done wasnt worth that money or whatever. why fiverr gave back the funds immediately without asking me anything to give my side of story. i always give proof of my work which include links to other sites (reports) screenshots of code etc. imagine if i didnt give


it is called paypal chargeback …I think fiverr should fix it as soon as possible because now it is common issue … I have faced it 4 times.

Contact CS . Send them the proof of your work …May be they can help you…

Best Of Luck


and what can you do in these cases. in theory with this paypal chargeback the buyer can always get away and get free job. i mean that because order was completed i cant even comment it and if you go to his page you will see my 5stars to him for being a good buyer.this way he gets free work and maintains 5 star buyer rating.


I know that … And many sellers faced that problem .Few of them got back their money .And in my case sometime I had to lost my own money…You can contact CS… May be you will get any solution …


Yeah this happened to me more than 5 times.
The reason for this is because fiverr had given buyers a lot of power more than we the sellers.
I reasons for fiverr to give the buyer a chance to charge back after he deliberately agreed and gave a 5 star.
A law should be enforced that after a work is delivered and marked no more charge back is allowed