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Delivered Order Disputed from buyer after 10 days

I was deliver the order on time and buyer payment me $120 with 5 stars reviews and after 10days the order delivery my payment is returned to the buyer and order disputed Why??? What is the rules ??
if every buyer take action like this so we deliver the work and he get payment returned …
Also contact to customer support Fiverr just sent automatic messages not solved my problem …

Hi, we are sorry for you loss. You should have declined the dispute. This happened to us many times. Buyer get the work and agree on it but later on we just get the message from CS that your order is refunded.

i was just receive email your order is dispute from buyer and then no option here in fiverr to action :frowning:

Now this is making me tensed.

Now what i will do for the next time to deliver the order and get review from buyer so what i need to secure my order and review ???

Sorry to hear that. It sounds like the buyer opened a PayPal dispute (if you type paypal dispute into the forum search box, top right, you will find lots of posts on that topic). Fiverr does suspend accounts of buyers who do a PayPal chargeback (usually), like they say in the TOS, but there is not really much you can do in regards to proofing your next orders against that, it sucks, but there are scammers, on Fiverr and everywhere, both on buyer and seller side.

However, Fiverr sometimes seems to dispute PayPal chargebacks on behalf of the seller, so if your delivery was something you can find out the buyer does use somewhere on the internet, on their website, youtube or wherever, you can try to send proof of that to Customer Support and ask them to review your ticket and the order in the light of this new information. If the buyer uses your work, obviously claims that it didn´t get delivered or the work was bad, or whatever reason he gave for his PayPal chargeback, were made up.


Wow, that seems like something the paypal dispute ‘inspectors’ should do. It does suck that anyone can get away with this, for now. Let’s hope fiverr starts showing buyer reviews so sellers can make informed decisions too.

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I have had several orders like this, nothing really comes out of it, we just hope and pray that we don’t come across such buyers often.

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