Delivered Order Issue


Hello, my name is Adrian. I am somewhat fairly new to Fiverr but have some knowledge now. Last night I received my first customer, and this morning I’ve fulfilled the order and delivered as requested. However, the sale is not being recorded! Everything is at 0 and my revenue is still sitting at $0. But when I visit the completed order, it says delievered —- $5 ! It also says pending review!

What’s going on? Do I have to wait for a review?

Sorry, I am new to this so I have no knowledge about this. It is my first order.


Here’s how to withdraw your funds:

Everything else you need to know is in the help centre as well.


Just to add to what @merciavideo said. You need to wait for the order to be marked as complete. If within 3 days your buyer doesn’t mark it, it will automatically be marked by the system.