Delivered Order Not Marked Delivered


I have completed the project and followed the directions to delivery the order, but the countdown is still ticking. My To-Do list continues to tell me to deliver the order. Please help.


Try delivering it again. If that doesn’t work, contact Customer Support.


I experienced this just about now, that is why I am writing a comment to confirm this one.

I never experienced this issue when I was still a newbie. But ever since I got leveled up to LEVEL 1, I’ve been experiencing this.

Also with the messaging system, it’s not updating pretty well.


same prob here… ive delivered like 22 orders today and i still see to do (47). sigh… hope this gets fixed soon.



This is an on again off again issue. In fact it’s happening today and support is aware of it and “working” on it. Said it will be within “24 hours”.


Actually, it’s not being fixed. It keeps on going, and I keep on experiencing it. The only thing that I am happy about is, at least they answer my ticket.