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Delivered order on time. After 3 revisions, the order is marked ##LATE##. How much time do i have for the fourth revision?

Title explains everything. Now i am at forth revision so i need to know how much time do i have for the forth revision till my order will be labelled as late order and the buyer will have option to cancel it.?


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Hi @literateumar700,

Once you have delivered your order timely, you don’t have to worry anymore about the clock. Just work on the revision if requested. :wink:


A previous seller I worked with delivered the first time, then after I requested for changes they went offline for 24hrs, there was no option to cancel but rather an option to ask the seller to cancel the order. So although there is no written time of how long you should wait before delivering a reversion you should keep in mind that if the buyer contacts support, they can cancel the order from their end.

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@maitasun. @franklegacy
Thanks for replying. This is why i asked cause i noticed this message.
Revision Requested
Revise your delivery to avoid cancellation.

@franklegacy …Thanks for explaining it nicely. So, even after they went offline for 24 hours you still didn’t have option to cancel it? That’s fine, i am planning to deliver within 24 hours. I just thought you would have like 6 hours to complete and then you are at the buyer’s mercy.

That notice is there to remind you that the buyer still has an option to cancel the order because they are not fully satisfied with the delivery

Does this mean that there is literally no penalty whatsoever for a revised order being marked as late, as long as the initial delivery was delivered on time? Even if there was no penalty in terms of search results, etc, it still gives the buyer the impression the order is ‘late’, which can’t be good for reputation.

I have a real issue with the way Fiverr handles modification requests, i.e. that they keep the countdown clock ticking away in the background while your wait for your buyer to consider your delivery. The countdown clock is in place to set out the time a buyer is supposed to take to do their work. Once an order is delivered, the onus should be on the buyer to consider it in their own time (within 3 days) - The fact that the seller is effectively penalised should the buyer take several days to respond is deeply unfair.

Take for instance an order with a deadline of 3 days. The seller might deliver on day 2 (great, they delivered early!), but if the buyer requests a modification on day 4 then the order would be instantly marked as ‘late’. How is that possibly fair?!

I’m sure years back Fiverr used to ‘pause’ the clock once an order was delivered, which seems like the obvious, fair way of handling this. Surely we should be campaigning to have that system re-instated?

Orders on revision are not marked as late or anything else. Only upon late delivering is when the orders are marked late.

That’s not true. Again, orders on revision are not marked as late or anything else.

Your premise is false when you insist in saying that orders are “instantly” marked late when they are on revision. As long as you continue using it, you’ll get to a false conclusion.

Once delivered on time, the order is no longer eligible to be marked late, although the clock doesn’t stop. Clock not stopping when it should, is merely a program issue that Fiverr programmers haven’t addressed, as many other issues still to be fixed.