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Delivered order on time, request for revision makes me late?

I delivered this order on time. The buyer is happy, they just wanted one more revision, which they requested while I was asleep, and now fiverr says I’m late?

I feel like this is a bug, am I missing something?


No - it shows as late, but it isn’t really, and won’t count against you. :slightly_smiling_face:


omg, thank you. after I delivered the revision the late disappeared and I already feel better, and now I feel doubly better.

dude… whoever is in charge of the UI could be responsible for heart attacks\aneurysms…

that late message is so disturbing. How am I supposed to revise properly with that crap making me all squirmy inside?


Once you delivered your order in time and buyer ask for revision after a few days ,
it wont consider late, because you have delivered it on time but the client not ask for revision for on time,
I have seen many time that some seller have revision goes for one month or beyond,

But i will suggest you do deliver your work on time and ask from client to check it on time and response ,


I’m always showing clients a draft at various stages in my work, this is the first time out of 30+ orders that I’ve received a request for revision. much better if they just ask me through messages! :grimacing:

Once when I’m a New Seller, I feared about this things But after a long Struggle I became Level #1 Seller. So, Here is my Experience Regarding this “If a Buyer Order a Gig from You and You Delivered it on Time and After The Given Period is Over and then Buyer ask for Revisions then the Order isn’t Marked as Late and Doesn’t Effect on you Profile” as Per my Experience. :slight_smile:


At same scenario you can show the drafts first it you have much time the client response you,
But if you have one day delivery time so how you will handle it,
any suggestion for that,?

if you have only one day delivery time… it must be really simple and fast work, and revisions should also be simple and fast… but… i don’t have anything one day delivery… that could get you in trouble if 3 people order the same gig in one day! :grimacing:

Ok that is fine if it was a simple work and fast delivery,
ok if you deliver it on time and after three or four days client ask for revision …

I will do any reasonable revision no matter how long they take to reply, as long as it is a revision I would have done within the time period of the gig. If they want a major overhaul that costs $, regardless of when they ask. It’s always easier when I send my first draft if they don’t like something and tell me then, or if they want me to talk about something specific I didn’t think about.

completely off topic, but yes, you must wait. They will likely get a lot of offers, so you may never hear from them.

I have no idea what you are asking. make a new topic please, and explain your question more. That way people can find your question easier to help

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Noticed the same thing on some of my orders in the past. I asked the Customer Support. They said it won’t affect my profile if I’ve sent the first delivery on time.


Happened to me once, no worries , it says late, because the counter in the program does it, it will not decrease your “Delivered in time” percentage. Sometimes it is the clients fault, who DISAPPEARS :confused: completely after making the order.

In some cases, no reviews ratings, not even a message.

No worries


If you want help you need to make your own post.

Go to the forum log in page and you will see a green button with New Topic.

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What we should do if buyer ask for revision after, the end of deliver time, and work has delivered already. ???

@salmanishaq696 If you want help you just need to create your own topic.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

No need to worry about it.

I am facing same problem and I am feeling very sad, worry :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :pensive:

Don’t worry
Regarding this if a Buyer Order You and You Delivered it on Time and After The Given Period is Over and then Buyer ask for Revisions then the Order isn’t Marked as Late and Doesn’t Effect on you Profile.