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Delivered Order then it got late! Will it effect on my gig impressions?

Dear fiverrs! I want to know about late order delivery. I received an order and delivered it in last 40 minutes. When I woke up, I checked my orders and that order was in late as buyer asked for revision. So will it effect on my gig impressions or not? Let me know about this please!

Hello, this is you in your Fiverr video gig? Because if so, a few days ago I saw that you had 30+ reviews I think on a different account and you were worried that a buyer gave you 4.7 stars . Can you explain because I am confused.

Yeah, Late deliveries will effect your profile

You do not need to worry. As long as you deliver before the timer run out. After that when a buyer request a modification if it is passed the due time it will only how #LATE# but it will not mark the order as late as you have delivered it before the timer ran out. You can do the revision and re-deliver.
Orders are only marked late if you deliver it after the timer run out. Not when buyer request a modifications.


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The most important thing is " Deliver your order in the given time " Once you deliver then even buyer request your modifications for 2 days it will not be consider as late . The order will be consider as late when your timer pass , then order will be consider as late and it will be included in your late deliveries.

One thing after having the later order , if your buyer or u want to cancel the order even mutually, order will be canceled mutually , funds will be return to buyer but system will add automatic review of that order as " canceled as late deliveries " So if u want to cancel the order u must have to cancel withing the order time . If u cancel the order after 10 days or 3 days of your given time . u will get negative review by system even your order is cancel. I personally having this experience but i was lucky , when i cancel my order she was my repeat buyer , i ask her you upload that review she said no why i will give review , my funds was returned . so i ask the support staff they said its due to system because u late your order and also canceled , you waist your time , buyer time and also cancel the order .

So i was lucky my buyer was is in my support she send personal ticket to support staff to cancel the review because she get her funds and not want that review for me . then support staff cancel that negative feedback .

So hope thats helps other sellers also to tackle this situation :slight_smile:

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Great, much appreciated!

Yes be quick yet maintain the quality