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Delivered .. says seller


sellers, give me your thoughts pls.

  • before * you deliver do you send the buyer DELIVERED.

I objected with seller as I orderd multiple gigs ( my mistake ).
seller claims that gig says he has started the gig and will continue.

what gives ?? I do know what what if anything is going to be done.
also so so much back and forth ( ok I will check, thank you, nothing
to let buyer know he is on top of it ).

sellers take note. your buyers will run ( I will run from this seller ).

also note: 2 sellers after ordering do not even have the courtesy to reply
thank you, etc. I will start working. no no communication. then the buyer
figures out he will get left flat. sellers, take notes pls.


I cancelled 3 orders with this seller. fiverr does not promise grief !


Not sure I understand the Q. When the wrk is completed by the Seller and he sends the file it automatically tuns into a ‘delivered order’ No need to contact the buyer if I sent him the wrk. If he has a Q after delivery then we can discus further if either a revision will be done or its considered xtra wrk they didnt specify originally


This is something that irritates me too. I don’t understand why some sellers don’t simply send a “thanks for ordering” message. I had got over my irritation about this but unfortunately a seller has now caused me to be irritated about it again.
I placed an order with 5 day delivery time, nothing huge but I wanted to try someone out.
Yesterday was day 4 and I hadn’t received any communication. Eventually, I sent a message, having delayed because I don’t want to appear like the typical anxious/demanding buyer, I also did need to know that the order was going to arrive at least close to on time.
I received a response almost immediately assuring me that it would be on time so I waited til today. 30 minutes or so before it was due, I got the delivery - empty, with just a message explaining that it would be late and that they didn’t want to be penalized - “Thanks for understanding” was the end of the message.
It was a little annoying but as I had said I didn’t mind it being a bit late I said nothing, I don’t mind doing this with people I buy from regularly but first order is a bit… meh…

Approx 2 hours later I got a message to say that the order I had placed was not right, so I needed to pay an extra $5. I grumbled to myself but they were right, I had read the gig wrong so I asked them to send me a custom extra to cover it.
They sent it, with an additional 5 days!

I questioned their rationale in a polite but firm way, stating that I had been accommodating, could they do it quicker. I immediately got a cancellation request as I am sure they felt they were going to get a negative review and they probably hadn’t even started yet. Disgusted, I questioned why they were cancelling reminding them that they had said, just yesterday, that the order was fine and would be completed on time. No response.

So I cancelled.

A Level 2 Seller with great reviews, description and profile.
For those sellers who complain that buyers are unreasonably demanding about communication, consider that they may have had a similar experience to mine with their last seller. This is one of VERY few orders that went wrong on me so I will probably not become a demented demanding buyer, but remember that this will be some buyers only experience on Fiverr.


PS, if you don’t know this already, when you cancel an order with a buyer, the buyer is given a chance to send feedback to customer support including a star rating on communication and the work delivered as well as a place for a comment. Worth remembering if you are cancelling a lot as you will never know what they have said about you to CS.


@eoinfinnegan On occasion buyers order without initial contact as requested to discuss their requirements and then get upset that they have to pay more and want to cancel. Whose fault is it? They would be sure to leave a silly message saying why do I have to pay more!

If fiverr opened up the gig description allow html code it would resolve a lot of issues for descriptions rather than a 1200 words limit, but I doubt they’ll ever do that as it will also create other problems. After all, fiverr wants to control what is indexed on the search engines.


i always send a message to buyer that " thank you for placing order on my gig"


Well Conversation is the best thing to do with your client.I mostly sent msg to my buyer ( Sending all the details of the order ) and ask him that Should I mark the order as a complete ? When I got response then I mark it and My clients returning ratio is 70%.


I have yet to get a response from a seller saying anything about an order i place…it drives me just batty when u order something and never hear a word.


I never knew buyers cared so much about getting a “thank you for your order” kind of message. I will do it from now on. Learning something new everyday!


Words if not communicated will remain words only and will never become communication. So if seller has placed an order with no guidelines, the very first thing is to ask from that buyer about the details. Like one of my colleague got order about testing and the buyer didn’t mention even single thing. Upon asking he said that he needs general testing.

Moreover asking your buyer to share their experience is another thing that you must ask after completing the order. There are some buyers who don’t bother but they don’t even mind for being courteous too.

This is what I feel, others may and not sure how other people would perceive.


Some sellers deliver nothing to avoid being late, they know delivered orders will be marked as complete.

An ethical seller either delivers the job or refunds the order, there’s no excuse to be late. If an order is due in one hour and you can’t do it, refund it or send a $5 custom offer asking for 3 more days. However, if you deliver nothing and the order is marked as complete because you forgot to do it, the buyer will be very angry and give you a bad review or get CS to refund the order.


I’ve always replied to my buyers with a comment along the lines of “Thanks! If I have any questions, I’ll contact you directly.” If it’s an order on a subject that’s near and dear to my heart, I’ll include a line or two related to that, but I’ve always just figured that a quick response sets my buyer’s mind at ease and let’s them know I’m working hard for them.

Also, I just couldn’t imagine charging more for my work after a price has already been agreed upon. If something wasn’t right, I chalk it up to miscommunication, try to learn a lesson, and just do the work for the price quoted. If the customer begins requesting things that fall outside the realm of what we had discussed (and we know they often do), I’ll politely remind them about the original order, but offer to complete any additional work for an extra fee.


Same here. I usually check the order to see if everything is ok or if I need more info. But if everything is ok I usually don’t reply.


I agree with you but having said that, if I have waited for 5 days, I would prefer to wait another couple of hours for a delivery than for the order to be cancelled and having to start the process all over again. Giving the buyer the option to cancel or wait for a specific time is a more professional solution.
For me, cancelling at the last minute is completely unprofessional and would definitely prompt me to contact CS about the seller. If Fiverr sellers want to attract professional businesses as buyers then they will have to behave professionally. I ended up having to pay a $10 extra fast fee to a seller because of the seller I mentioned above. Not the end of the world but very annoying and avoidable if the seller was more professional and either did the job late, had cancelled at the beginning or cancelled when I sent her a message.


Communication is key!


See? That’s where we’re different. The most I will wait for a late seller, is 24 hours. I will message him and remind him that if he doesn’t deliver in 24/hours, I will force cancel.

I also rarely hire anyone that takes more than 3 days. The fact that you paid $10 for extra fast and your seller was extra slow speaks volumes of him. That is garbage, a seller should honor his commitments.

One of the most shameful days I experienced back when I used to work in the brick and mortars was a day we missed a deadline. The advertising space had already been bought, all we had to do was deliver the ad. I did my part, and so did the proofreader, but sadly, the AE’s and other people dropped the ball so the money the client spent was wasted. You can imagine how angry the client was, and we all ended up getting a lecture. Now it’s true that at that particular agency we were doing too much work. We’re talking about a $65 million dollar account with ad buys in 10 different States in more than 100 newspapers.

On Fiverr, lateness is inexcusable. Here there are only two people, the buyer and the seller. So unless Fiverr has technical problems, there’s no excuse for lateness.


I completely agree with this point. But I have also seen buyers jumped on and criticised (pretty badly sometimes) for expecting too much if they complain about this situation on the forums - being told sellers have a life too, it was only $5 what did you expect, you should manage your deadlines better etc etc.

Even if it is “only $5” or “only $10” or whatever the price is, I think a buyer should expect a reasonable level of professionalism and cancelling an order after making the customer wait 4 or 5 (or however many) days is pretty unprofessional and makes fiverr look bad in my opinion.


As you say, we differ in our approaches. If someone is late but has communicated and given me a reasonable time for delivery after it has gone late, I don’t mind. If I pay for extra fast and they are late then I want a refund. If they have the work done, I will take a refund and reorder without the extra fast fee. It depends on what the order i too. If it is a large order, I think a certain amount of leniency on delivery is appropriate. If its a basic gig then yes, there isnt really an excuse.


Of course sellers have a life too but they also need to structure their work to suit themselves with appropriate prices and delivery times. I think most sellers get less than 10 new orders per day. It would take less than 5 minutes total to send an “order received” message using a standard message. Anyone who does not have 5 minutes to make themselves look much more professional and set their buyers minds at ease needs to reassess things I think.

If a seller is offering a gig that is primarily business related, they should have a basic understanding of how businesses usually operate. If I order something from any of the big, trustworthy sites, I get an order confirmation and expected delivery time. I could do without this as the sites are known to deliver and take care of clients. When I deal with a freelancer/hobby seller, I really value an “order received message”, it puts my mind at ease.

Sellers set their own prices and delivery times so they should deliver what was offered. It is fair to complain if they don’t. However, a certain amount of realism should be present too. Offers to “rank any site number 1 in Google for $5” etc. should set off alarms for buyers, especially if it will be delivered within 24/48 hours.