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Delivered service doesn't match order description

I ordered a service called “Social Marketing Promotion for 2,000,000” from seller fb_dami. By adding up the members from the groups the seller posted my link to I counted in total 509153 members.

Considering that the delivered service didn’t meet the specifications of the order I should be entitled to a refund. How do I proceed with this? Also is there any way for me to report the seller for not delivering the promised service? Other than thru the rating system ofcourse :wink:

ask him first, tell him that it was not what he offered and see what he has to say about it.

Just click “resolution center” or request a modification with the button.

you should ask the seller if you do have any question. i think any regular seller would do anything to satisfy you.

First, it is against the TOU to call out a seller, so don’t mention any names again.

Second, when it comes to social marketing promos, the final counts take several days to come in. Meaning if I have 1,000 liked people to my page, and I post a link, it could be seen by many more people than that because it gets seen by friends of friends and there is much more to it and it continues over a few days. I would suggest you go google and read up about “Facebook Reach” that could be a reason for the difference in numbers.

Now, that being said, I think it’s ok to email back the seller and ask them, your ad says you will post my link to 2,000,000 real followers, however when I counted your twitter and facebook pages I only see 509153 like members/followers, can you please explain to me the difference in your numbers? Thank you.

And then see what kind of response you get back. Do that first, then see what they say and you can request a refund.

Also, I am curious what kind of post are you asking them to do for you?