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Delivered the Gig but buyer DOESN’T mark Complete Order!

2 days ago I’ve delivered the order but still no reply from buyer!!! I don’t have any idea what to do in this case! Before the delivery, the buyer was so communicable, he was answering my messages at the time, but now no response at all!
Please help me guys :pensive:


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Hi @zharkynalesh,

Once you have delivered the order, if your buyer doesn’t mark the order as complete, don’t worry. It will autocomplete on the third day after you delivered it, unless your buyer asks for revision - in which case you will know, since you’ll get notified.

Please don’t message your buyer. If you do, you risk getting a warning.


Some buyers place an order, receive their delivery, then go about their business. Let it auto-complete and afterwards do the same…


Ok, Thank you very much!

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Thank you for your reply!

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You’re most welcome, @zharkynalesh. :slightly_smiling_face: