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Delivered the Gig but Buyer was Unresponsive

I completed my job and delivered it to the buyer but he was unresponsive after delivery so after 3/4 days, it automatically marked completed. Then suddenly buyer appeared and thanked me for the work and provided with a positive feedback but I didn’t see that money in my pending clearances, I just want to know when I will be able to see that money in my pending clearnace as it’s already been 3 days?

No, his problem is the money isn’t even “pending”. I am experiencing the same problem. The order is completed but it isn’t listed as completed in the “manage order” section. And so money isn’t pending. Apparently something is wrong, you should contact Fiverr support. I did and they still haven’t solved it yet.

After 3 days is marked as “Earned”, then, from that date, after 14 days is marked as “Cleared” (ready to transfer to Paypal or Payoneer). I would contact

You lucky got some feedback. I already delivered the order but do not get any feedback. How to ensure our buyer rating after received the order. I already ask for feedback but all negative. Any suggestion?

The site is having a widespread problem with this right now. If you go to the revenue page it will tell you this in a banner at the top, as well as assure you that no money is actually missing from your account.

As @chellevanhoy said, there are some known problems with revenues at this time. Fiverr is aware of it and working on it. See this active thread for more info: