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Delivered what client asked for but client wants to cancel

Hi guys. I need advice. I’ve delivered a job to a client and have spent quite some time on it. I am still willing to work on modifications but now the client, even after I delivered what they wanted in the first place, client wants to cancel the order. The order is not yet marked complete but it is already marked delivered. I feel that it’s unfair because I did deliver as ordered. Any advice?,


Reply to @infinityplusone: yes on fiverr most orders are $5, so if i used this philosophy for every buyer i would not make any money. In these instances i never cancel especially if i did the work.

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Contact customer support and state a case why the gig should not be refunded. (you did the agreed work etc.)

Submit a request at the top of the page.

Fiverr Customer Support


This has happened to me before, I mentioned the fact that I did the agreed work to a reasonable standard, the customer has received the agreed product and now doesn’t want to pay for the service. It is completely unjust and fraudulent to allow them to receive the product without paying.

All the best with this,


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I suggest that you watermark your work (if possible). For example, gigs like video, photo, and audio – I send them the image/video/audio for their review first, and if approved, I deliver the order without the watermark. By then they can’t ask for refund because CS won’t allow them coz they approved it. Any other revisions asked beyond that point will not be considered (unless you’re willing to).

I had some bad buyers as well that did that to me before. At first they are very communicative telling me instructions and all how they exactly expect the order will be. Then after I delivered for their review and asking them if it’s as they expect it to be (like a good seller), he stopped communicating, gave me a not-so-ok review and requested to cancel when I offered multiple times to revise it for free so he’d change the review he left me. But no, so I gave up and just refunded him.

So basically they buy, once they get what they can use, they cancel / ask to be refunded coz they will say whatever excuse they can come up with like they won’t be able to use it or whatever other reason, and then they get away with free stuff.

If only I did put watermarks back then, then they can’t use my work if they don’t like it or if they said they really have no intention of using it. Coz it would suck so bad to see my hard work somewhere after some period of time and feel cheated.

Still not a solid-steel anti-bad-buyer solution, but it helps me that I don’t get much cancellation request or bad feedback anymore.

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By the way @gwendy730, I’m pinay too :slight_smile:

Reply to @pinnacle_lawyer: Thanks for the input! I’m actually still waiting if the client will click the cancellation button. So far, only a written request was placed and I am right now offering to do another revisions, since I allow for more than 3 revisions. Hoping this will end well!

Reply to @khryzstine: Hello fellow pinay :smiley: Salamat sa reply! I’m safe for now because I kind of sensed na masakit sa ulo itong cliente na to so I only sent low resolution drafts. So far, no actual system cancellation request has been initiated from their end and I stated professionally that I have done as they asked and am still willing to do revisions to their satisfaction. Hopefully this ends well! Kakaloka tong client na to!

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If it’s a $5 order its better to cancel than get a bad review.

Reply to @infinityplusone: It’s a lot more than $5, and I worked so hard on it, and followed the instructions to the latter, hence why I think it’s completely unfair.


Reply to @gwendy730: You’re welcome! And I know right! :slight_smile: Good for you that you sensed it. Sometimes you can’t. I’ve been burned with some of them lurking around. So I’m taking extra steps of precaution, it’s better than way than regret working on it ATF.

Even though it is painful, I have gladly given refunds and greatfully thank the person for the opportunity to work with them. I know the work was awesome, it just wasn’t the exact fit for the customer. For me this has been about 12 orders in 1300 orders. A small percentage. Some of those orders were $200.00 orders and some were already completed twice with revision requests. In my case, this amounted is about $500.00 of returns after the orders were completed.

If you do it any other way, your ratings will suffer. You just have to evaluate the cost of your ratings. I’ve made $30,000 and it cost me $500.00 to maintain 100% reviews with absolutely no negative feedback. That means for every $1 I make, $.015 goes toward maintaining customer satisfaction. My returns may be better than Walmart’s returns?

These cancellations are always with new customers. I started not taking orders larger than $25.00 from new customers. You can always break a large project down into smaller pieces at first. Then gradually get larger with each order.

I will not work with someone a second time, if we have cancelled in the past. I usually state something like, "Thank you for your order, I am not able to provide what you need for your project. Thanks for considering me"

It is so difficult for people to find a good provider. If what you offer is a good fit for them, they will want to continue to order from you. They don’t want to start the process over looking for someone new.


Thank you so much for this. I really agree with your philosophy. But how do you make case for a client that refuse to accept cancellation of an order in exchange for review removal?

Yeah I always send out samples first and water marks with vids, if they like what they see then they can order and if they try and pull that cancellation after the fact, you have the evidence that proves they agreed and confirmed to go ahead an purchase the gig, gives you a little more help in terms of pleading your case to CS if you have to dispute it. :slight_smile:

i have similar experiences i had to report a buyer to cs ,the chap was simply out to cheat me of my time and energy and efforts put into his work, imagine after delivering the zip folder he claimed that he cannot open it, later i sent individual reports and he said bad quality, this was after we had chatted and he agreed to what he was going to get- i had to simply point out to fiverr about his fraudulent act.

there are some buyers who are just looking for free work. Contact fiverr support team. I am sure they will help

happened to me too. I offered a partial refund with a rate 5 stars. Done well?

I didn’t know that Fiverr can do partial refund. How do you do that.

Let’s say the order was $100, and you wish to refund $30 (and keep $70).

  1. Buyer places a new order for $70, you deliver, buyer marks it as complete.

  2. After the $70 order was marked as complete, you (or the buyer) initiate a mutual cancellation for the $100 order, the other party accepts, and buyer gets the refund.


Great tip. Thanks for posting this.