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Delivered work after expected time

Hello. Tell me please, what happens to my gig If I will finish the order after expected time?
Thank you for your help.

You become Late delivering your gig. That has a negative effect on your rating.

Plus, the buyer can cancel.

Delivering late “does” affect your rating.

But a late delivery once in a while doesn’t do anything by itself. It’s a percentage thing. Everything adds up.

Good things to know. Thanks for sharing :-bd

I have one such order where buyer has ordered and provided information that will get 2 gigs done and rest of the 2 requires more information. He has yet to return and the issue is time is running out. I don’t know what to do in such situation. :frowning:

Just to clear this up :

Late deliveries can affect your ratings and Gig delivery stats. If you see that you’re not going to deliver on time, my advice is to resolve any problem before your order is late.

Late deliveries also affect your eligibility for levels.

Once the timer runs out it will display:

You then have a FURTHER 24 hours to deliver your order, after that period the buyer will be entitled to cancel the order and if he / she chooses to do that you will receive an automatic negative feedback.

“Cancelled order, seller failed to deliver on time”

If you think you are going to deliver late, please make sure you keep your buyer up to date so that they are fully in the loop as your gig may be time sensitive to what they plan to do with it.

Thank you


Reply to @ruslano, @ ryuken

Suggestion; If you have a gig that requires an extended amount of time to do - OR - if you get behind and time is running out… keep your buyer in the loop. Let them know when the gig will be completed and when you will deliver.

If delivering late is unavoidable, communicate with the buyer and make arrangements to deliver a placeholder file, so the “gig” will be completed on time. Then deliver the actual file when it’s ready.

I send the buyer a message every 3 days saying, “Your order is in progress and will be completed on mm/dd/yyyy”. Then I make sure to deliver by that date. Buyers like being in the loop and it often leads to more business.

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Reply to @voiceoverwork: For some reason buyer is not responding at all. I have sent message for last 2 days. And tommorow is the due date so not sure what to do. Buyer is not in loop with me despite sending message. He just said he will be back with more info soon. :frowning: Fiverr is not buy it and get service anytime stuff, we have deadlines, I guess multiple orders we should get time to extend the deadline.

If your seller is not responding you should place a mutual cancellation this will freeze the clock on a none extra fast order. You can do that on the resolution center on your order.


Agree with @ozzieuk, place a mutual cancellation. Deliver what you can, cancel what you can’t deliver.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I asked customer support to help me in this issue. They said, I need to place mutual cancellation if the buyer fails to respond and also to contact them if the buyer is not active in 24 hours. That is all can be done. They didn’t said anything about half of the order being complete, as they can’t split 4 orders differently if purchased in bulk.

Hopefully this doesn’t affect my ratings :slight_smile:

Reply to @ryuken:

When I find this happening, I always click on their name (in blue as in a link) to go to THEIR profile, and it will show when they were last active on the site. This helps me know if they have just not been on the site to check their messages, or if they may be ignoring my requests! Typically, if they have been on within the last say few hours, I will get a reply within the hour from them. If they haven’t been on the site for a day or so, it might be longer if at all before the cut off time.

Sometimes, things happen and you are late. Whether the buyer didn’t supply what you needed to finish, or, you have a personal issue that cannot wait. As long as you are up front or try to keep in contact (or deliver after the late within the “deliver by to avoid…” date) with the buyer, you should be OK with them.


@genuineguidance - I wouldn’t rely on the ‘Last Active On Site’ thingy. Unless it’s been fixed in V2, it’s never, ever worked right. Since I’ve been on Fiverr.

Ever. LOL

It’ll say someone was on site 30 minutes ago, when they’ve been offline for a week. Maybe they’ve fixed it though. Who knows.

Reply to @bigbadbilly: There isn’t a last online function in V2 :frowning:

What happens with a person who says in his messages is OUT OF VACATION? The deliver of the work is tomorrow, but he hasn’t sent any drawings to see if they are ok, I have sent him several reminders, but is not responding. The work is about 250 dlls and need urgently to contact him. What happens with this? Fiverr delivers the money? The problem is that if he extends the period of delivery, I am out of the deadline, I trust this guy, and in Fiverr, but I see that message of OUR OF VACATION is quite irresponsible. I already sent a ticket to Customer Support to see what is going on. Hope someone can help me. Thank you!