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Delivered work being monetized


Hi. would like some advise on this matter.
A new client acquired my services to create a music video. I was glad because it is a new gig i’m offering.
After delivering the first time, the same client returned with a new order for the same gig. I thought it was ok. but at the back of my mind, i had a nagging feeling the video could be used some where commercially and it struck me that I neglect to bring this matter up during the price negotiations. Hence, I REALLY found my video in the client’s youtube channel and I could see that the video is being monetized eg. ads showed up on the video.

Would anyone have advice on how i could upsell my services by bringing up this commercial rights matter? the client is very keen to keep giving me jobs on the same gig but i feel short changed.


You can rewrite your gig description and use your extras to add commercial rights to future gig purchases. With the current buyer you can’t really charge them for those rights on their completed orders since they get all rights unless otherwise specified. If they want to purchase more you’ll have to make a tough decision.

You can tell them up front that all future orders will require a fee for commercial rights and you risk losing the buyer, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad decision. It’s a risk factor. Another option is to add commercial rights for future buyers but give your regular buyer a special price since that is how you started. Sometimes it can be worth being short-changed to get the first several sales and reviews on a new gig.


i agree with you. I did have the same thoughts. thanks for validating it.