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Delivered work but buyer didn't hit request modification button but wants changes


This is sort of urgent and I didn’t realize how weird of a situation I was until now…

After I delivered an order to a new buyer, he requested revisions about 20 hours before the delivery was going to be automatically be marked complete. He is new, so he didn’t know to formally request modifications; instead, he just informally requested changes in chat, which I have since provided but I also sent them through chat (as opposed to re-delivering) because the initial deadline is already up and I didn’t want to be late.

After delivering the changes, I sent him a request to extend the delivery time but he has not been online since. There is a banner on the top of the order that says “THE BUYER HAS 4 DAYS TO RESPOND,
OR THE REQUEST WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY WITHDRAWN” but I don’t know if this order will be considered late because I opened this request. I initially delivered well within the deadline on Friday night but he didn’t give feedback until Monday morning, and I provided revisions Monday afternoon.

Should I keep everything the same or should I withdraw the request so there is no chance my order will be marked as late and then promise to do revisions after the order is complete through the inbox feature?

I am not sure what is the best. I am happy to provide the buyer with whatever changes they request but I do not want to be penalized for them being offline when the delivery time needed to be extended.

Please let me know what I should do. Thank you very much!


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You can withdraw your request you already delivered your order.

Your statistics are not affected as long as you delivered the first initial delivery with the deadline. (Even it shows #late sign it wouldn’t be late)

There is nothing to panic about.

If my clients request changes through chat and I have enough time before orders mark itself complete I just make changes and press “deliver again button so it would count as a delivery.
If I don’t have enough time I’m just sending them a message that I’m working on changes however it will be great if they can press a “request a revision” button so order wouldn’t autocomplete itself. And adding that they shouldn’t worry if they wouldn’t manage to do in time and the order will be autocompleted, that I’m still working on their revisions and will deliver it anyway.

Thank you for this advice. It is currently late at night where the buyer is so there is no chance he will be online. I am going to let the order auto-complete and, if needed, offer revisions through the direct message feature. Just want to clarify: Is this ok, according to Fiverr’s TOS and policy?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


What exactly is ok?

I described to you the process on how you could approach it and everything I do is within fiverr rules.
I’ve been here a few years and I have never received any warnings. There is nothing to receive a warning about. If you are not sure just read fiverr TOS one more time to know what are the rules. :wink:

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Sorry. I understood what you were saying before… I guess I was a bit nervous and wanted to double check because I’m new and haven’t been in this situation before.

I just want to clarify: If they don’t hit the “request modifications” button in time (which I don’t think this buyer will), do you direct message them with your revised work or is there another way?

Sorry for my confusion and thank you for your advice. :slight_smile:

In other words, would the following message be acceptable:

"I am just reaching out to see if you have listened to the modifications I have made according to your specifications. Per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, the order will be marked as complete in a couple of hours. I hope you are satisfied with the revisions I made on our project. In the event you may have wanted further changes, I attempted to extend the delivery time but, since I did not hear a response from you, Fiverr’s delivery system will automatically mark this order’s status “complete” in a couple of hours.

If you do require any further revisions, please message me directly and I will be happy to provide them through the “Inbox” feature. Thanks."

Yep, that’s totally fine

Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile: