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Delivered Work Via Inbox, No money I got :(


have you ever this experience ? buyer ask some sample, and making conversation day by day.

Once I deliver real order but via inbox. So I have not gotten $…

I really forgot at that time…



  1. You should ask them about order a gig and complete the gig if they like your work

  2. This is the experience for you :frowning:




Sorry about your bad experience :frowning:

Remember not to deliver a “complete” job in the inbox!!

Does the buyer want some sample? Well, protect it putting some limit or writing “DRAFT” upon the images you deliver: your buyer must be able to see your work but must not be able to use it !!!


I delivered via inbox twice (unknowingly). The buyers were kind enough to order and pay me.

Tip: Do not start work unless you’v gotten an order. Personally, an order is what motivates me; what drives me into action. Fiverr has an intrigueing way of getting me into action with the “Time to get busy!” stuff.


Make your the buyer places an order (with the agreed amount of gigs), then make sure it’s delivered within the order thread.


A victim also; the buyer disappeared with roughly 80$. :frowning:


I always put a water mark text overlay on my sample work.If the buyer likes the work I send him the work without the watermark. Sorry for your bad experience.


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As said just before, NEVER do any work unless it’s been orderd… common sense


Agree with NEVER do any work unless it’s been ordered :-?