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Deliveries & Messages Not Going Through (Probably a bug)

I’m trying to respond to messages but none of them are going through. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? The deliveries will likely be affected by this issue as well so don’t make any deliveries until the issue is resolved.


Looks like it’s the same for deliveries and messages. Just take a break for an hour or so and things should be ironed out by then.

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I’m trying to make a delivery and it’s not going through. Tried twice now…

This happened a couple of months back and then 5 deliveries went to the same person :man_facepalming:

I’d give it 20 minutes…

I am experiencing the same issue with messages not sending. This happened a few months back if I remember correctly, deliveries were affected too. It’s probably an issue with the server.

Same issue is here. Messages are being removed from both sides

Thankfully my delivery just went through on the 5th attempt

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My deliveries and messages seem t be working ok.@ssj1236 Happy Fourmiversary!


Hello, I have missed seeing you here. And our mutual friend Cy has been a :ghost: too.

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I just received a message in my inbox that was sent 7 hours ago according to the timestamp.

Aww, thank you! They got fixed an hour after making this post so I’ll just wait it out next time.

I know, it’s been a rough few weeks but hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me as things start to calm down. On that note, a happy belated new year!

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