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Deliveries & Messages Not Working!

Do not make deliveries right now. The whole system seems to be broken. No messages or deliveries are going through. Let’s hope this gets resolved soon.


Yes, it’s not working. I don’t know what the hell is going on

Yes, It’s not working at this moment.

Whats going on fiverr, I tought it was only my problem, Messeges not shwoing on time, deliveries ar not showing on time, Hope everything will solve very soom

I’m facing same problem :frowning:

Same Problem. messages Delivering too Late…
The whole website working perfect… But only problem is with their storage server I think

Yes also the messages also remain unread even after we open them

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I think its a problem in Asia… Most of the Asian’s are facing this error

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It is a worldwide problem, the website is not working everywhere

The Form is working Perfect … lol :joy: :joy:

Is Asia hijacked digitally :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope this gets solved soon.

Yes, cannot send audio files; also having trouble viewing messages. I hope they fix this ASAP.

Digital Carona :grinning:


The order’s management field doesn’t work at all. Messages you can’t read or send etc…

The same problem in Europe and it lasts for an hour already

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hahaha, you got that. :smiley:

I’m in the UK - happening here to hun