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Delivering a Broadcast Right or Commercial Right w/gig

How do I deliver a broadcast right or commercial Rights gig to my customer? Have been selling on Fiverr for almost a 8 months now. And haven’t had anyone ask for them. Could someone please inform me how to do this task.It will be due tomorrow. (3/24). I would like to deliver today 3/23. Thanks so musch.
John L.

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Hi there,
When my client asks for commercial license (Copyrights in design), I send him a pdf file saying the order number on Fiverr, other details like my username, his name and a paragraph saying that it is purely custom work and he owns this work as I did it specifically for him blah blah.
In short,
Compile a document like anyother, add order number some formal details and your name with your electronic signature. Or you can use a copyrights certificate generator from many available sites on internet. Good luck.

Send a gig extra and say “commercial/broadcast rights…”

ok thanks for your help.

Thanks for the information, helps alot.

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